How are the thousands and tens of thousands of hearing aid prices different?

Hearing loss is not only a problem for the elderly, but it is also found in children.

Nowadays, technology is continuously evolving. There are many types of hearing aids that can help you hear more. Has a natural sound quality Meets the needs of everyday use So how can we choose the right hearing aid?

“How much does a hearing aid cost? Many people wonder how the price of hearing aids is determined and what are the basic factors. The price of hearing aids depends on the following factors:

1. Sound processing

Can be divided into 2 types: digital and analog. Analog is old technology. Most hearing aids today are digital systems that can improve hearing and meet the needs of the user.

2. Number of audio channels

The more channels a hearing aid has, the better. The more detailed the sound processing, the more detailed it will be. The sound you hear will be more natural. which affects the price of hearing aids

3. Accessories

In addition to customizing hearing aids on mobile phones, Compatible with other accessories such as remote controls, streaming devices, televisions, smart microphones portable charger including more other equipment It will also affect the price.

4. High performance hearing aids

It may have additional features such as waterproofing, noise reduction, Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeability, multi-directional microphone, background noise filtering, remote control, direct audio input, synchronization function. Including other functions This will result in the price of hearing aids increasing.

5. After-sales service and warranty

Hearing aids are required. Continuous “Maintenance” and “Sound Quality Adjustment” After-sales service and warranty are therefore very important.

Therefore, you should purchase your hearing aids from a service center that is standardized and reliable.
Our Digibionic shop offers a 1-year product warranty and lifetime after-sales service for you to worry-free and use continuously.

Hearing aid price comparison

Mimitakara We have hearing aids suitable for seniors or people with varying degrees of hearing loss, with prices ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. It depends on how the hearing aid works.

Basic analog hearing aids

Analog signal processing is low level. Sounds heard as a result of hearing loss can be distorted. It has low accuracy even though it has a noise reduction function. This type of hearing aid is suitable for relatively quiet environments. (Quiet environment such as a library or home) Price: 980 baht

Standard programmable hearing aids

low noise processing Can control the volume Used for everyday communication The disadvantage is that it has limited functionality. And suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing impairment. Price: starting at 5,000 – 8,000 baht.

digital hearing aid

Detailed sound processing functions and good noise reduction Meets the needs of most elderly people There are many functions to use. Suitable for those with hearing impairments. And it is also the most popular hearing aid. Price: starting at 8,000 – 20,000 baht

Hearing aids for business

good sound processing Good noise cancellation and has a variety of functions Suitable for long-distance communication Attending the meeting and people with hearing loss. Price: starting at 30,000 baht

Popular brands of hearing aids

The sound processing is very detailed. It has advanced noise reduction functions and full support. It has the latest technology such as Bluetooth and cloud-based care. It also supports streaming and connecting accessories. There are a variety of designs. High sound quality Suitable for those who are hearing impaired and those who engage in a variety of social activities. Price: Starting at 8,000 baht.

Hearing Aid Type



Noise reduction function

Advanced qualifications

Basic Analog Hearing Aid





Standard Programming Hearing Aid





Digital Hearing Aid

8000 – 20000




Business Hearing Aid





Big brand Hearing Aid





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