How do the prices of hearing aids with prices in the thousands and tens of thousands differ?

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages.

Loss of hearing is not only a problem for the elderly, but can also be found in children.

            Currently, technology has been continuously developing. There are various types of hearing aids available that do not cause severe hearing loss. They prevent brain degradation and provide natural sound quality. The most suitable way to choose a hearing aid is to select one based on its functions, sound quality, appearance, and actual measured hearing power. Let Mimitakara assist you!

“How much does a hearing aid cost? Many people wonder how hearing aid prices are determined and what are the underlying factors. The pricing of hearing aids depends on the following factors, which are the main factors affecting the price of hearing aids.”      

1. Sound processing methods can be classified into 2 types: digital and analog. Analog is an old technology that uses linear amplification to achieve sound amplification. The sound quality is similar to that of discontinued manufacturers. Currently, most are digital hearing aids that can improve hearing and meet user needs.

2. The number of audio channels, the more channels a hearing aid has, the more detailed the sound processing will be. The sound you hear will be closer to the original sound, and it also reflects the higher price of the hearing aid.

3. The application of accessories, in addition to the ability to adjust the operation of the software application for hearing aids on mobile phones, can also be used with additional accessories such as remote controls, streaming devices, televisions, smart microphones, portable chargers, and other accessories. The quality and variety of these accessories and applications will also affect the price.

4. Advanced hearing aids may have additional advanced features such as waterproofing, noise reduction, Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeability, multidirectional microphones, surrounding noise filtering, remote control, direct audio input, synchronization function, and other functions. You can choose the functions you need and decide which type of hearing aid is most suitable for you.

5. After-sales service and warranty are the key differences between hearing aids and electrical devices. Hearing aids require continuous “maintenance” and “sound quality adjustments”. If you purchase online and encounter problems, it may result in delayed or no product support. Therefore, before choosing a hearing aid, make sure that you will receive effective and timely assistance when you encounter future problems. To avoid being left without assistance in the future, you can purchase hearing aids at our Digibionic service center, which provides a 1-year product warranty and after-sales service for maintenance every 2 months at the service center near your home.

When comparing the prices of hearing aids

according to the Mimitakara grade, we have hearing aids suitable for the elderly or those with varying degrees of hearing loss, ranging in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the functions of the hearing aid.

Basic Analog Hearing Aid

The analog signal processing level is at a low level of sound heard from hearing loss may be distorted (similar to machine sound). The original sound is not heard accurately even though there is a basic sound assistance function due to the low noise reduction function. However, it is only suitable for simple environments (quiet environments in libraries and at home). Price: 980 baht

Standard Programing hearing aid

Note: The level of sound processing sensitivity is low, but the volume control and sound expansion are sufficient for everyday communication. The downside is that it has limited functions and is suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss, with minimal response to specific needs. Price: Starting from 5,000 – 8,000 baht

Digital hearing aid

Note: The detailed sound processing and clear noise reduction function meet the needs of the majority of elderly people. It also has a wide range of advanced functions, making it suitable for people with hearing impairments. It is also the most selected level of hearing aid. Price: Starting from 8,000 – 20,000 baht.

Hearing aid for business

Note: Good sound processing, good noise cancellation, and a variety of advanced functions suitable for long-term communication, meeting attendance, and people with hearing loss. Price: Starting at 30,000 baht.

Popular big brand hearing aid

Note: Sound processing is very detailed with functions to reduce high noise and full support for advanced functions using new technologies such as Bluetooth and cloud care. It also supports streaming and accessories for hearing aids. In addition to a wide variety of designs, there are also many more functions available under the delight of your sound quality, suitable for people with hearing impairments, sound quality, and support for multi-functions, suitable for people with diverse social activities. Price: Starting at 8,000 baht.


Hearing Aid Type 



Noise reduction function 

Advanced qualifications 

Basic Analog Hearing Aid 


Standard Programing Hearing Aid 




Digital Hearing Aid 

8000 – 20000 




Business Hearing Aid 





Big brand Hearing Aid 





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