Why is the price of hearing aids for the elderly so expensive?

how to compare before deciding to buy a hearing aid.

How to find the best hearing aid for you by comparing pricing with hearing aid manufacturers.


        Q1. How can I determine the level of difference in my hearing aids?

    Regardless of whether the manufacturer has explained the functions of the hearing aid to you. Hearing aids also have a level indicator, that is, the “number of channels,” just like TV resolution. The horsepower of a car and the chip of an iPhone, the higher grade. The number of channels is greater. Hearing aid prices increase accordingly and the sound quality becomes more detailed and clear as the number of channels increases.


       Q2. How to compare the prices of hearing aids from three stores according to specifications?

      As mentioned above in point 1, the “Number of channels” is specific to a hearing aid. So when you go to buy a hearing aid You just ask “How many channels are there?” and don’t worry about other requirements. Just compare the price with models that have the same number of channels. can compare more than 70%


Hearing aid price comparison table

Types of hearing aids

Price range

Sound quality


Analog hearing aids

980-5,980 Baht

There is a tendency to make noise.


Manual digital hearing aid

5,980-9,980 Baht

It has basic noise processing functions.


Digital hearing aid

19,800-29,800 Baht

Adjustable sound quality


Digital hearing aid bluetooth

 30,000 Baht and up

Customized with Bluetooth function


        Q3. In addition to the number of channels, Does the originating manufacturer still affect the price?

       Either in the Taiwan or Thailand hearing aids market, there are many hearing aids from countries such as Japan, China, Europe, the United States, and other countries. But the same number of channels has different prices. So how to compare prices? The sound quality processing is more delicate and the technical threshold is also higher. If hearing aids are imported from Europe, therefore, the price will also be more expensive than well-known manufacturers such as Phonak (Switzerland Phonak), GN Resound (Denmark ReSound), WSAudiology (Signia) etc. It is recommended to compare hearing aids produced by the three “manufacturers” above that have the same features together.


        Q4. For the same model, why do certain manufacturers sell more priced products?

      Before purchasing anything, there is a very important question to ask whether it is affiliated with a hospital or another channel. And why? This is because forwarding products from other channels or hospitals will be more expensive due to hospital commissions. Therefore, if you want to buy the same product but don’t want to buy something expensive, Please consider selecting a hearing aid manufacturer that is not affiliated with the hospital.


       Q5. Does staying out of the hospital imply being unprofessional?

      The hospital is only a source of “referrals”, it is not necessary that what the hospital recommends is professional. Producers who are not affiliated with hospitals also have a certain level of professionalism, they are just not affiliated with the hospital. It is recommand to go experience different hearing aid centers in Thailand, since there are plenty of hearing aids resources and different services around Bangkok area.


       Q6. The higher the number of channels, The sound quality is better and the price is expensive. Is that right for you?

    The number of channels reflects the level but it also depends on your suitability and preferences. For example, if your hearing loss is very severe, sometimes you don’t need very good hearing aids since it’s hard to differentiate some subtle sounds quality. Also, if you just want to stay home and watch TV with hearing aids, you don’t need to buy a high-end TV, all you need is a TV streamline box that can be connected to your TV and you will be able to enjoy the clear sounds with hearing aids. Digibionic offers TV streamline box to try if you are not satisfied with the sounds while wearing your hearing aids.

Therefore, you need to try listening to different hearing aid models to find the right one. And ask yourself: Are you satisfied with your purchase the hearing aids? are they truly fit your lifestyle?


      Q7. You’re not sure how to choose amongst the miscellaneous styles and features available for hearing aids?

    Look at the hearing aids that you think are best, for example, the better ones have Bluetooth technology, which are better at pinpointing the direction of sound sources. And peripherals include a TV streamline box that can be connected to the TV. But if you are not someone who likes to watch TV, make it clear to the seller that you do not need these functions and that you just need “Downgrade hearing aids”, otherwise you will unknowingly purchase functions that are not necessary for you. But if you choose not to need these functions, you can get a cheaper hearing aid. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the sound quality that best meets your needs.


     Q8. If all manufacturers of hearing aids offered the identical product? How do I make a decision?

    If each store sells similar prices and the same types of hearing aids, The method of comparison is “after sales service”. There are approximately 30 brands of hearing aids either in Thailand and Taiwan, but all services may have different characteristics. What supporting services will be provided among them?

        1. Free hearing consultation and trial

      Before purchasing a hearing aid, it is important to have the ear canal examined first. Otherwise, the person with hearing loss may not have a serious cause. However, hearing levels may decrease due to blockage within the ear canal. Therefore, the ear canal should be examined first and then a hearing test performed. After receiving a hearing report graph, use the graph to choose the right hearing aid for us.


       2. Hearing test Environmental auditory experience and adaptation

    A good digital hearing aid can be adjusted to the “frequency” that the hearing-impaired person needs. The same is true for wearing glasses. It can eliminate unnecessary noise and also has functions such as preventing tinnitus. A good manufacturer must have professional techniques. It can help people with hearing loss get the best adjustment to their hearing aids. After that, do a hearing aids wearing test and try to listening to real sounds from the road and other environments. 

 It is common in the medical device industry that users are afraid they will not be able to use their hearing aids themselves ,and will have to return to a hearing aid fitting expert to re-fit their hearing aids. So don’t hesitate in making decisions and opinions to them when your hearing experts is guiding you to listen sounds from hearing aids.


     3. Payment methods and installments

  Hearing aids cost tens of thousands of baht, which is not cheap at all. In addition to subsidizing hearing aids from the government, major hearing aid manufacturers such as Digibionic also offer installment payment methods, in order to reduce the burden on some hearing-impaired people with low financial status.


    4. Free cleaning Maintenance and post-editing sound adjustments

  Hearing aids are precision electronic products. After purchase, they must be returned for maintenance and adjustment every two to three months. Otherwise, the chance of damage is high. General medical supply stores cannot provide such services. It is recommended that you visit a hearing care center that have such maintenance service for free.

    Q9. Comparing prices of individual manufacturers in Thailand is unfeasible due to their large number. How should I do?

You can contact Digibionic by the link below this article.

Digibionic is the only manufacturer in Taiwan with domestic production technology. We offer official warranty for Thailand hearing aids market. Our product meets the needs of Taiwanese and Thais people, and the hearing aid price is very affordable. It is also sold in Europe. 

We imported hearing aids to Thailand come with Thailand FDA approved. Since there is no hospital affiliation, the same hearing aid models are much cheaper than other manufacturers. Digibionic hearing aid fitting specialists are also trained by audiologists with national examination certificates from Taiwan, their professionalism and international equipment will not let people down.


   Q10. What is a WSA hearing aid ? 

  WSAudiology is big five hearing aids company in the world, offering Signia hearing aids that are designed with accessibility in mind. Emphasis on clear speech for improved listening comprehension, durability, and comfort, hear better in any environment and provide a relaxing experience and emphasized sounds of speech in every situation.


   Q11. Features of WSA audiology hearing aids?

    • Clean Sound uses innovative sound processing to realistically create environmental soundscapes for hearing aid wearers.  
    • Reliable Technology reduces unwanted noise and preserves speech sound.  
    • Lifeproof is durable enough to withstand the challenges of everyday life and harsh environments.  
    • Streaming You can stream directly from your TV and other audio devices. Using a 2.4 smart transmitter or smart microphone.  
    • My Voice analyzes and recognizes each user’s voice to differentiate their voice from others, giving you a unique voice experience. A self that is unresonant and natural.  
    • Voice Ranger controls the volume of the caller’s voice that you want to hear. naturally  
    • Stereo iLock is a technology that helps control listening to focus. Being able to listen to the sound in front of you By adjusting the sound reception angle to be narrower 


   Q12. WSA audiology and Mimitakara hearing aids in Thailand?

   People who use hearing aids or the elderly mostly face problems with noise and whistling, and the device is heavy and hurts their ears when worn, right? No need to worry about these things because Digibionic have WSA audiology and Mimitakara, hearing aids that will make all your problems go away. Comes with many functions: Advanced hearing technology and a modern design with attention to detail, suitable for all levels of hearing loss. Each ear is as unique as our fingerprints. Some hearing aids fit better than others. and those specifics It is an important driver when choosing the type of equipment to wear.

   Q13. Digibionic, the leader in hearing technology?

   Digibionic is an official entity store chain worldwide. We carry official Mimitakara hearing aids from Japan and Signia from Europe. 

Mimitakara is manufactured and provided with lifelong after-sales service from our Digibionic headquarters in Taiwan with most affordable hearing aids price in Thailand.

Digibionic products are available in analog/digital / Bluetooth formats and come with a full warranty to give customers confidence in terms of safety and helping to improve the quality of your hearing, so don’t hesitate to experience the Mimitakara, Signia, and A&M hearing aids in Digibionic stores!

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