Best hearing aids & Service in Thailand?

What are the main hearing aids brands in the Bangkok metropolitan area?

Hearing centers in Thailand?

In Thailand, the major hearing aid centers include Digibionic, Eartone, Dear Hearing, Hearplus, Nextone, and Audimed. Each center serves as an authorized representative for various brands, offering distinct warranty periods and after-sales service policies. Given the customized nature of digital hearing aids, which function as personalized auditory adjustment systems, it is recommended to visit each hearing center for a trial and sound comparison.

Digibionic free hearing service in English and Chinese

Hearing aids brands in Thailand?

In the Thai market, hearing aid centers and medical institutions also occasionally feature products from GN Resound, Sonova, Digibionic, Demant, Starkey etc, can be found in various hearing aid centers and medical facilities across the country.

Global Hearing Aids Brand

WS Auduology (WSA)
GN resound
CoselgiBeltone UnitronBernafonMicrotech
SigniaInerton HansatonSonicAudibel
Rexton   PhilipsNuEar

Among the prominent brands available in Thailand, WS Audiology (WSA) holds a significant position, encompassing Widex, Coselgi, Signia, Rexton, Audio Service, and A&M. 

The diversity in brands and models emphasizes the importance of personally visiting each hearing center to experience trial sessions and compare sound quality, ensuring that individuals find the most suitable and effective hearing aid solution for their specific needs.

You can easily sort out different brands from different hearing centers by making a simple call to all hearing centers in Thailand.

We introduce our hearing centers worth visiting

In the realm of ear and hearing aids centers in Thailand, Digibionic stands out as a beacon of excellence. Operated by Digibionic Lifestyle (Thailand) Co. Ltd., a leading importer, manufacturer, and distributor of hearing and balance healthcare equipment on a global scale

Digibionic in Thailand, notably, is an official distributor for    and    brand hearing aids.

Our Commitment




Digibionic has become synonymous with high-quality hearing solutions.

Digibionic proudly offers a diverse range of products, including BTE (Behind-the-Ear) to RIC (Receiver-in-Canal), ITC (In-the-Canal), and CIC (Completely-in-Canal) hearing aids sourced from reputable brands, including WS Audiology – Signia and Mimitakara hearing aids from Japan and Taiwan. This global reach ensures that clients have access to cutting-edge technology and a wide array of options to meet their specific hearing needs, price and budget.

Clear and Wide Price Range

One of the key advantages of choosing Digibionic is the transparency and flexibility in pricing. We maintain a clear and wide price range, accommodating various budgets without compromising on quality. Digibionic also does not charge clients for extra services, prioritizing customer satisfaction and affordability.



Best Hearing Aids in Thailand

Warranty from every Digibionic stores are essential, we take pride in offering the Mimitakara hearing aids in Thailand, utilizing Taiwan TSMC state-of-the-art technology chips to enhance the auditory experience for its clients. The commitment to excellence is reflected not only in the quality of the products but also in the level of expertise provided by the knowledgeable staff. Hence, you can adjust your hearing aids in anytime, in any Digibionic store!

Official entity stores for a Personalized Experience

With three official stores located in Bangkok, Thailand, Digibionic invites customers to explore the world of Bluetooth, BTE, RIC, ITC, and CIC hearing aids. These stores serve as informative hubs, providing personalized assistance and detailed information about hearing aids. For those seeking hearing aids in Bangkok, Digibionic offers a unique and tailored experience.

Hearing Aid Bangkok Price

Digibionic understands the importance of accessibility, and its offerings extend to those specifically searching for hearing aids in Bangkok. The company ensures competitive pricing and transparent price structures, making hearing aids accessible to a wider audience.

In conclusion, Digibionic stands as a beacon of excellence in the field of hearing aids in Thailand. With a more than 20 years focus on various of hearing aids, don’t hesitate to make a quick phone call to start your hearing journey!

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Digibionic – a reliable Hearing aids company in Thailand

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