What you don't know about Signia hearing aids What are the different functions and prices?

Hearing clearly is an important part of the quality of life. Whether listening to your favorite songs Conversation with the person you love or work that requires accurate hearing Having quality hearing aids is therefore something that should not be overlooked. In this article, we will talk about Signia, a leading hearing aid brand that is well-respected in the industry. Let’s see why Signia is an option you should consider.

Signia's development

Signia is part of the Sivantos Group, headquartered in Germany. With decades of experience and expertise, Signia has developed and offered digital hearing aids with innovation and high quality making it internationally recognized as a leading brand in Hearing aid

Innovation and cutting-edge technology

One of the hallmarks of Signia hearing aids is their cutting-edge technology and user-focused design.

  • Bluetooth connection and applications Many of Signia’s Bluetooth hearing aids can connect via Bluetooth directly to your smartphone. Allows you to listen to music Answer the phone and easily adjust the settings of your hearing aids Through the Signia app
  • Audio processing and automatic adjustment With an advanced sound processing system Signia hearing aids effectively distinguish speech from background noise. And it can automatically adjust sound settings according to your environment.

Signia’s products from new to old include Augmented Xperience, Xperience, Nx, primax, binax, micon and Nx, px (primax), bx (binax), mi (micon), Silk, Insio, Ace, Cellion, Carat. Possible technical levels are: 7, 5, 3, 2, 1. The higher the number, the better. It only represents a very technical level.


Augmented Xperience /Xperience/Nx/primax/binax/micon/XCEL

Product type


Grade of hearing aid






Number of processing channels






Number of compressed signals






Signia has a basic line-up: Intuis, which is on the same technological level and has 6 compression channels.

Product format


Number of processing channels


Number of compressed signals

Unable to adjust compression parameters

Signia also has an entry-level range: Lotus, which includes one digital model: Prompt, and three manual digital models: Run, Fun, and Fast, with the model name denoting the technical level.



Product format





Number of processing channels





Number of processing channels


Unable to adjust compression parameters

Signia recommended products

Signia has a wide range of models to meet the different needs of users.

Signia Silk hearing aids are small and comfortable in the ear. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any built-in setup.

Signia Pure 312 Nx is designed to be small and slim. Comfortable to wear and not easily noticed

Signia Motion 13 Nx behind-the-ear hearing aids are designed to be durable and comfortable to wear. Suitable for everyday use Whether it is an activity inside or outside the building.

User experiences and reviews

Many users have commented that Signia hearing aids have greatly improved their quality of life. Whether it’s the clarity of the sound ease of use and the ability to adapt to the environment

Expert opinion

Many doctors and hearing specialists recommend Signia hearing aids because of their cutting-edge technology and good performance.

Conclusion and recommendations

Signia is a hearing aid brand focused on developing technology to help users regain a better quality of life through clear, natural hearing. If you are looking for quality and reliable hearing aids, Signia is one option that should not be overlooked. You can try hearing aids and get expert advice to choose the most suitable one at the Digibionic Hearing Aid Store.

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